What we do:

Elimika specializes in combining Psychometric Assessments and Adventure Camps in order to achieve camp objectives, albeit Career Guidance Adventure Camps, Leadership Identification and Development Camps,  Team building Camps,  Couples Camps and Personal Development Camps.  Our Career Guidance Camps provides you with the opportunity to discover and explore the world of work as well as your own personality and career interests to choose the career that best suits you.   Our Leadership Identification and Development camps provide Schools, Colleges and Universities with opportunities to identify leaders in groups as well as providing opportunities to develop leaders in their leadership roles.  Our Teambuilding Camps provide great opportunities to assist groups to get to know each other better, learn to work together and become a strong cohesive team.  Our Couples Camp focus on couples interaction and deals with basic matters such as effective communication styles, decision-making, problem-solving all based on each individual’s unique personality traits and how different personality traits interact with each other.

Our Personal Development Camps also make uses of psychometric assessments to discover one’s own personality traits, what is unique about it and how to enhance one’s strengths and work on one’s weaknesses.

All the topics of our camps can also be dealt with by means of individual/group assessments at our office. Alternatively we also offer training days on each topic which explore each topic in more detail with practical hands on activities to facilitate the exploration and learning process.

We strive to cater for everyone’s individual needs and thus ask our clients to simply provide us with the objective of the camp so that we can create the relevant program for you.  Alternative to our Adventure Camps we also hold Career Days and do all forms of Psychometric Assessments that can also be administered on a personal one to one basis at our offices.

Our Team:

Dr. Runel Fouché, Industrial Psychologist and Specialist in her field, is responsible for all the Psychometric Assessments as well as integrating the experience of the Adventure Camps and / or Training Days with the results of each individual’s profile obtained from the Psychometric Assessment in order to achieve the objective of the camp and / or training days.

Ms. Inelda Biela is our Communication Specialist. She is in charge of all communication such as updating and maintaining the website, design of marketing material, liaising with all our camp attendees after their Adventure Camps and handling any enquires, questions, ideas and feedback.

Mr. Stefan Fouché, our Marketing Manager, is in charge of all our marketing needs. He is responsible for ensuring that each Adventure Camp is thoroughly advertised and that awareness of Adventure Camps is maintained. He is also in charge of marketing Career Guidance Days, sponsorships and advertising from external parties.