A Career Guidance Adventure Camp normally consists of three to four days, during which time you take part in various activities specially designed to help you explore your interests in various fields of work, discover different fields of work, as well as determine what field of work suits you best. All this whilst at the same time having fun, getting out of your everyday routine and perhaps evening meeting new people!

The average camp entails various adventure activities such as wall climbing, abseiling, quad bike rides, mountain biking, archery, obstacle courses and much more. However, these Adventure Camps have a very special and unique added feature. Along with experimental learning and exploring who you are, formal Psychometric Assessment is done in order to explore your personality and interests in terms of a career choice. This means that you will not only be enjoying yourself on an Adventure Camp and discovering how far your adrenaline can take you, but you will also be encouraged to find out how your personality traits and career interests compliment various possible career choices.

You will also be introduced to experts from different fields of work, who will provide you with more information regarding their specific field of work. This will be done in a small Career Discussion Groups where you will get the opportunity to explore your field of interest further and ask as many questions as you need. You will also be given the opportunity to rotate between the different Career Discussion Groups to get a chance to interact, consult and learn from the various experts. This will introduce you to fields that you may not previously have considered or known much about.

During the Career Guidance Adventure Camp all activities will be facilitated in light of possible career choices and what kind of career interests and personality profiles would suit such careers.

Our aim is to firstly give you a better understanding of who you are and what your personality traits and career interests are. Secondly, we want to introduce you to the different career possibilities in the workplace in order to enhance your understanding of the type of work available, despite the level of education needed. Thirdly, we want to guide you to get an idea of what type of job would suit your career interests and personality profile best. Lastly, but not least, we want to get you excited about who you are and what you can be!

On our Camps, we welcome all forms of parental interaction and we usually conclude our camps with a parent brunch or lunch. During this time we give the parents an opportunity to come to the camp terrain and join the camp attendees for something to eat. This does not only give the parents an opportunity to meet with the camp coordinators for possible further consultation, but also gives them the opportunity to be actively involved in and witness the environment in which the camp attendee functioned during the camp. This will allow parents to see firsthand what type of activities the camp attendee took part in and what they have discovered. In doing so, the parents are provided with the same frame of reference and understanding of the camp in order to help facilitate further learning and interaction between the parents and the camp attendee long after the camp is concluded.

After completing the Career Guidance Adventure Camps, you will be provided with opportunities to receive more in-depth Psychometric Assessment on your specific aptitude and how it matches your career interest and personality profile as discovered on the Career Guidance Adventure Camps.

As a whole we strive to provide every individual attending our Camps with an intimate and personalized encounter with him or herself, as well as the relevant experts. This means that groups will remain small and intimate in order to allow for as much interaction and personal feedback as possible.

On all our camps we do not just believe that everyone is someone important who needs to be attended to, but rather that everyone is someone unique with a specific purpose and goal in life that needs to be discovered, embraced and nurtured.

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you better....