All the topics of our camps and individual/groups psychometrics assessment albeit career guidance, personal development, leadership identification, teambuilding or couples interaction are frequently presented as one day training workshops. At these events psychometric assessments are also used, either prior to the training session as to explore further on the results during training, or during the training sessions as to aid understanding of the practical impactions of the outcome of the assessments. All training sessions are facilitated with a lot of hands on practical experiences, time to reflect as well stimulating presentations and up to date and applicable information.

All psychometric assessments are utilized as a means of self-exploration. As a way to discover our unique selves, be it as team member, leader, couple, individual and/or organization and how we interact with others as a result of our unique personality traits. By understanding our personality traits we can be made aware of our strengths and even possible weaknesses, we discover how we like to take in information use information and relate to the world and in doing so we get a better understanding of how our personality traits make us prone to communicate, make decisions, deal with change and work as leaders or team members in certain ways. By understating our own traits as well as those of others we enhance our ability to interact with others and learn practical life skills needed in everyday life, work and relationships. Although the psychometric assessment is merely a personality trait assessment and non-discriminatory of nature, implying that all personality traits/codes are equal and not viewed as better or worse than others, all can be assured that privacy will be a guarantee and participants will be facilitated only to share as much as they are comfortable to share with others.