Couples Weekend

Couples weekend, what a great time we had!

Couples weekend was held on 10 – 12 September 2010 at Pro-Act Ventures in Hammanskraal. Couples arrived on the Friday afternoon /evening met by friends and dinner. A relaxed evening followed under the open star studded sky; everyone grabbed a chair, mattress or comfy spot on the grass and chatted till our eyes were heavy.

Saturday morning arrived and our day started with a delicious breakfast and was soon after followed by our first activity; Archery. Couples were encouraged to work together, with guys instructing their ladies on how to use the bow correctly with the aim of shooting as close to the target as possible. This event was filled with laughs, as various arrows hardly met their targets and the ladies at times outdid their partners.

After completing the archery it was off to the wall climbing event, where couples faced the mountain together, each getting a turn to wear the most ‘delightful’ nappy like harnesses and then challenging the wall to see if they can get to the top. Young and old had a go at the mountain. At times the young being easily surpassed by the elder, while the rest looked on as spectators motivating the climbers with each small step and climb up the mountain.

After an exhausting morning it was lunch, soon to be followed by the bum slide. With a lot of motivation, almost all took part, venturing up the mountain from where they slid down into the welcoming water (green, cold, welcoming water one may want to add). However initial faces of doubt soon turned to smiles, and laughter could be heard throughout as the event continued.

Hereafter it was time to put the couples to the test, blinding folding each partner one at a time, and trusting your partner on the trust fall. In this event couples had to give total trust over to their not blindfolded partner to assist them in falling backwards off a platform into the arms of the others couples. What a sight! Yet a very special experience.

Once the trustfall was over it was onto the obstacle course, where couples had to cross the elevated ropes and obstacles by physically supporting and leaning onto each other. One by one couples crossed the obstacle course. 

With the sun setting and a sense of achievement after the day’s activities couples returned to camp to freshen up and start with the ‘potjieskos’ competition. This time the ladies were teamed up against the men, to man their own fires and make two different potjies to be judged by the camp instructors. After what seemed like hours of cooking, conniving and spying on the enemy dinner was done, and the potjies were sampled by the instructors. With pride the ladies took victory, yet hardly a crumb was left in either of the potjies by the time dinner was done.... An early evening followed for most of the camp goers after the physically demanding and exhausting day.

Sunday morning was yet another lovely day. The day started out with coffee and rusks and then those with energy left in them climbed out the mountain in order to abseil down the mountain face. The last but defiantly not least exiting activity of the weekend. Delicious brunch followed and soon after couples packed up and headed home with tired and stiff bodies but a head full of memories.

Couples weekend, what a great time we had indeed!