Elimika specializes in combining Psychometric Assessments and Adventure Camps in order to achieve camp objectives, albeit Career Guidance Adventure Camps, Leadership Identification and Development Camps, Team building Camps, Couples Camps and Personal Development Camps. Our Career Guidance Camps provides you with the opportunity to discover and explore the world of work as well as your own personality and career interests to choose the career that best suits you. Our Leadership Identificati

All the topics of our camps and individual/groups psychometrics assessment albeit career guidance, personal development, leadership identification, teambuilding or couples interaction are frequently presented as one day training workshops. At these events psychometric assessments are also used, either prior to the training session as to explore further on the results during training, or during the training sessions as to aid understanding of the practical impactions of the outcome of the assessm

Apart from the element of psychometric assessments that are incorporated in almost all our Adventure Camps, we also offer group or individual assessment opportunities at our office. In this regard psychometric assessments are utilised to provide insight in all the topics as offered on our camps.

Elimika Industrial Psychologist has a passion to get involved with those individuals who are not able to attend Career Guidance Adventure Camps or other related camps. We strive to help individuals by securing bursaries and sponsorships and taking responsibility in developing and empowering the future minds and workforce of our beautiful country, South Africa. However, to be able to do so, we need support from our community and external parties. We thus welcome any external organisations or i